Creole Democracy part 1


Rufino Blanco-Fombona (1874-1944)

Blanco-Fombona was born at Caracas, in Venezuela, in 1874. He came of an old and aristocratic family of Spanish descent. His extraordinary activities, not only as a writer, but as politician, revolutionary soldier, and government employee, together with his picturesque personal exploits, all contributed to make him one of the most interesting figures in Spanish-America. He travelled in many parts of the world. His writings include criticism, poetry, political essays, novels, and short stories, the first collection of which appeared in 1900. Of Creole Democracy, perhaps his finest short story, Dr. Goldberg has said that “not many tales that have come out of South America can match it.”

The present version, revised from an earlier version, is here printed by permission of the translator, Isaac Goldberg.

Creole Democracy

The hamlet of Camoruco stands at one of the gateways to the Pla