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Alexander the Great Conquest and Challenges


Alexander the Great’s conquests were marked by strategic brilliance and audacity. After his father Philip of Macedon secured Greece, the stage was set for the ambitious plan to conquer the mighty Persian Empire.

Philip’s meticulous preparations for the invasion were cut short by his assassination, possibly at the hands of the Persians or his wife Olympias. Undeterred, Alexander, his twenty-year-old son, took up the mantle in 334 B.C. Armed with a formidable army, he set out to fulfill his father’s dream Alexander’s Conquests From Diplomacy to Gaugamela.

Confidence in Conquest

Philip had reasons for confidence. The Macedonian army was considered the best in Europe, and the Persians had traditionally relied on Greek mercenaries. Inspired by historical successes, such as those of Xenophon and Agesilaus, Philip believed in the feasibility of his conquest.

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