Fly Pegasus

But that`s not the main goal. The goal is to make the operation efficient. When flying with Pegasus, it`s you who do the cleaning in the aircraft. Do you have a problem with that? No. We have the strictest regulations on check-in, luggage restrictions and cancellations and even charge for water. As an airline company, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our guests don`t fly with us. But we are growing 42% a year. This means that the guest cares about other things.

The guest wants to go where he/she wants to go, at affordable rates and on time. We are not in the business of aviation. We are changing consumers’ habits. When we first started charging for water four years ago, a guest on an Istanbul- Izmir flight gave the money, got the water and then poured it on a member of the cabin crew`s feet. But now everyone is happy.

The guest is happy because he/she can pay for anything he/she wants in the aircraft. The sellers are happy because they get 10