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Fly Pegasus

Fly Pegasus

However that’s not the primary purpose. The purpose is to make the operation environment friendly. When flying with Pegasus, it’s you who do the cleansing within the plane. Do you’ve an issue with that? No. We now have the strictest laws on check-in, baggage restrictions and cancellations and even cost for water. As an airline firm, we’re doing all the things we will to make sure that our visitors don’t fly with us. However we’re rising 42% a 12 months. Which means the visitor cares about different issues.

The visitor desires to go the place he/she desires to go, at inexpensive charges and on time. We aren’t within the enterprise of aviation. We’re altering customers’ habits. Once we first began charging for water 4 years in the past, a visitor on an Istanbul- Izmir flight gave the cash, obtained the water after which poured it on a member of the cabin crew’s ft. However now everyone seems to be glad.

The visitor is glad as a result of he/she will pay for something he/she desires within the plane. The sellers are glad as a result of they get 10% fee for each sale. From these odds and ends, we obtain a turnover of 65 million Euros.

Visitor numbers have multiplied greater than six-fold

We had 14 aircrafts once we acquired the corporate. These aircrafts would carry 1.eight million tour operator visitors yearly. This 12 months, we’ll quickly attain over 11 million. These figures embody fewer than 1 million tour operator visitors.

At present, we fly to 50 locations, 31 of that are worldwide and 19 home. We fly to 6 facilities from Adana. We fly to 22 worldwide locations from Antalya. We now have come a good distance during the last 5 years. The actual fear begins now, as a result of now our rivals know that I’m not simply doing it for the enjoyable of it however truly imply enterprise.

We at the moment have a decided fleet plan till 2023. Three years in the past, I may discuss this plan up till 2015.1 would say, ’we purchased 40 aircrafts’. Since now I’m saying 2023 as a substitute of 2015, I ought to discuss extra aircrafts.

However I can’t speak about it now, as a result of we’re in the midst of negotiations. A very powerful factor to succeed as we speak is by not making any concessions to our present mannequin. Making use of this self-discipline daily requires critical effort whereas taking a step away from the mannequin can be that a lot simpler

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