Milano Creative Industry

Corso Como Avenue and its vicinity host a more bohemian selection of boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. The most renowned of these is the legendary 10 Corso Como, a pioneer in conceptual retail. The slowly transforming Via Pietro Maroncelli is set to become the new Milan favorite.

The fashion and automobile industries are the most significant sources of Milan`s income

Corso Como is the ideal location for dinner, music and fun.

The Tortona industrial zone, deserted in the 1960s, started to liven up again after the 1980s and became the center of creative industries like fashion, design and architecture. It flourishes during `fashion week` and the `design fair`, transforming into the city`s liveliest area with fashion and other shows and parties all around.

Although Milan is not often identified with the visual arts, the city is actually home to a very important masterpiece. Leonardo da Vinci`s legacy, the Last Supper is in Santa Maria delle Grazie Church. The fine arts academy, Brera Academy, which produced some of the 20th century`s most brilliant artists, including Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni, is also one of Milan`s important establishments. The Pinacoteca di Brera, transformed from an old church into a large, magnificent art gallery, is also located in Brera. The gallery boasts the most extensive collections of the Italian artists Raphael, Bellini and Caravaggio.

You must visit the world`s biggest Gothic cathedral, the Duomo

The footsteps of modern art

Although Milan appears to be behind in terms of modern art, the `MiMac Contemporary Art Museum` project is expected to bring the city new dynamism. Hangar Bicocca, reopened after major renovation work as part of this project, has already begun hosting masterpieces of modern art such as `the Seven Heavenly Palaces` by Anselm Kiefer. The legendary Domus Academy, which was established by Gio Ponti, who was considered a guru in the field of industrial design in Europe, is famous for raising some of the world`s most prominent designers. Another of Milan`s design gems is the Museum of Architecture and Design. The museum has a splendid building; a different design, photography and contemporary art exhibition is held here every year.

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