Mudurnu – a Conscious Tourism


Mudurnu offering its cultural legacy and historical urban structure to the economy with the tourism due to the cooperation with the Governorship of Bolu. the Union of Historical Cities. CUKUL and the Chamber of Architects conducted and still conduct these activities without permitting the rentier economy to spoil the tourism. The Mayor of Mudurnu Mehmet Karakagoglu had delivered the following speech at the ceremony of “the Success Prize of the Best Preserved City” given by the Union of Historical Cities: “The Mayor of Varna who had been invited to our district had stated the following: The bigness of a city is evaluated not with the population but the cultural and historical legacy and the importance attributed to this legacy. For that reason. Mudurnu is a big town.’ We never forgot these words. We owe greatly our modest success in offering the cultural legacy and historica

Hagia Sophia

In all its glory After years of renovation work, the interior of the Hagia Sophia can now be enjoyed in its true splendour. For many years it was impossible to admire the interior of the Hagia Sofia, Istanbul`s most enduring landmark, due to the maze of scaffolding that covered it. Restoration work on the building, …

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Balkan Tours 2018 – Private Tour Programs for you

Balkan Peninsula is among the most visited regions in the world. With Balkan Tours 2017 you will discover the modern and elite today and at the same time feel the mystic scent of history in the Balkan countries. These are countries that know a lot and lived a lot. Balkan tours that you will experience in these geographical regions will be remembered as your unique moment.

In the Balkan tours 2017 you will be able to visit 16 cities including Kotor in a 14-day tour. 2017 Balkan tours include: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. Istanbul and Edirne in Turkey; Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece; Kazanlak, Melnik, Sofia and Haskovo in Bulgaria; Dubrovnik in Croatia; Skopje and Ohrid in Macedonia; Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Albania; Montenegro.

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A Nostalcig Street in Beyoglu

In the time of Ottoman Empire, the relations between Turkishes and Frenchs were deeply ancient.

So that the first ambassadorship was French at the right time Kanuni Sultan Suleyman in 16. century. The French Street which was opened at 1 July in 2005, is a culture and trade street for contributing both common culture and history, j The street takes place behind the Galatasaray High School which contains both Cezayir Sokagi and Cezayir Cikmazi (Algeria Blind Alley and Algeria Street).

In The French Street there are art galeries, plastic art and handmade art galeries, art courses, restaurants and cafes, shops where French Perfumes, French Musicians cd`s are sold. There are halls for films, slight shows, concerts and conventions. There are also beauty institutes, day nursery for children, tourism agency and shops which sells French clothes, accesories.

History of Yalvac

Anatolia was successively a home for the civilizations of the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Lydians and the Persians. After Alexander the Great`s invasion, it became the home of still more civilizations, the results of which we can see today. Reflecting these developments, Yalvac`s inexhaustible love of culture and civilization continued as if it had set sail on the sea of hope.

Despite his youthfulness, Alexander`s military genius enabled him to conquer Anatolia in the course of his campaigns. Inspired by the teachings of famous philosophers and by the aspirations of his father, Phillip II of Macedon, he brought peace and security to the peninsula. After Alexander`s untimely death, the city of Antiocheia in Pisidia was founded on the southern side of the Sultan mountains by one of his generals, Seleukos, or possibly his son, Antiochos. In 39-36 BC, the city was ruled by Amyntas and it later was incorporated int

Zafer Upar General Manager of the Merit Sahmaran Hotel

Zafer Upar is a newcomer to Van, despite having only arrived in the Spring, he has made himself quite familiar with Van and the region. Mr. Upar provides some background, “Merit Hotels is a Turkish chain, and is the only chain represented in Van. With 90 rooms, we are also the largest and newest in hotel in the city, and the only hotel with an open swimming pool and pool bar.

Right now, the bed capacity in Van is way above requirements, as there are two 4-star, three 3-star and other smaller hotels in addition to ours. There has been a significant drop in visits by American groups this year, and our guests are mostly Japanese; Korean; Belgian and Dutch. There are very few French and English visitors, but quite a few Turkish groups. Until 1992/93 the-re were not enough hotel rooms in the city, then terrorism caused a severe decrease in tourism. However, there has been an 18% increase in visitors this year. One of