Byblis unspeakable desires


Her unspeakable desires…

She went to a nearby mountain and set about throwing herself off. But Nymphai, pitying her, held her back. Casting her into a deep sleep they changed her from a mortal to a deity, into a Nymphe called Byblis. They made her their companion and sharer of their way of life. The stream which flows from that rock is called to this day by local people the Tears of Byblis.”

Antoninus Liberalis, Metamorphoses 30

“Byblis, daushter of Miletus, out of love for Caunus her brother, killed herself.”

Hyginus, Fabulae 243 “[Miletos] built the battlements that keep their founder’s name; where, as she strolled beside Mae- ander’s windins banks, her father’s stream, that turns so often back upon its course, he joined in love a Nympha of beauty rare, Cyanee, who one day bore him there Byblis and Caunus, twins, a tragic pair. The tale of Byblis shows that giriş should love as law allows, Byblis who tost her heart to great Apollineus [Kaunos grandson of Apollon], her twin brother. Hers was no sister’s love; her love was wrong. At first she failed to understand at any what her heart felt and never thought it sin to kiss him often or to throw her arms around her brother’s neck, and long mistook the lying semblance of a sister’s love.

The handsell troubled sore her mynd. But yit shee sent them”

Then gradually her passion warped

She dressed with çare to meet her brother, keen, too keen, to look her loveliest, and envious if ever some girl there was lovelier. She still had no clear picture of herself, her heart still formed no prayer, though inwardly passion burned high. She addressed him as ‘My lord’ and, hating words of kinship, wanted him always to call her Byblis, never sister. Even so she dared not let her waking thoughts admit her wanton hopes. But when she sank relaxed in quiet rest, she often saw the object of her love, and fancied too she lay with him and blushed even in her sleep…

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