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Balkan Peninsula is among the most visited regions in the world. With Balkan Tours 2018 you will discover the modern and elite today and at the same time feel the mystic scent of history in the Balkan countries. These are countries that know a lot and lived a lot. Balkan tours that you will experience in these geographical regions will be remembered as your unique moment.

In the Balkan tours 2018 you will be able to visit 16 cities including Kotor in a 14-day tour. 2018 Balkan tours include: Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. Istanbul and Edirne in Turkey; Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece; Kazanlak, Melnik, Sofia and Haskovo in Bulgaria; Dubrovnik in Croatia; Skopje and Ohrid in Macedonia; Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Albania; Montenegro.

Let us continue with brief explanations of the history and general characteristics of the countries involved in this Balkan entity.

Balkan Tours 2018 – Turkey…

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The first settlements on the land that Turkey is on are Aiol. Dor and the Ionians were initiated by the societies such as the Thracian and Persians in the Stone Age. The Aleksandros dominated the Hellenistic period and later the Roman and Byzantine periods. As a result of the settlement of the Seljuks in Anatolia in the 11th century, the Turkization movement on the lands began and with the victory following the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071, the Byzantine superiority in Anatolia lost power in favour of the Turks.

The best period to visit Turkey with its unique geography, which can be experienced differently in the four seasons, varies according to the region to be visited. When you think of Turkey, Istanbul is the first city to come to mind. Istanbul – the home to many visits throughout the year. The city where the East and the West meet. With magnificent mosques, lively bazaars and rich history, Istanbul is a complete civilization.

Balkan Tours 2018 – Greece…


“You should see the landscape of Greece. It would break your heart.” – Lawrance Durrell

Neighboring Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey is one of the indispensable points of both sea and cultural holiday with their very old history, beautiful islands and people. Athens is a whole country where you will find much more than the ancient streets, streets with flowers…

Balkan Tours 2018 – Bulgaria…

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In the eastern-western country, the Thracian, Slavic, Byzantine and Ottoman states were dominant. Especially the capital Sofia is one of Europe`s leading cultural cities. There are many museums in the city and a large number of students from different nations. The capital of Bulgaria is improving day by day.

The Kazanlak Tomb in the town of Kazanlak, the Thracian tombs in Sveshtari, the Rila monastery (117 km south of Sofia) – the largest Orthodox monastery on the Balkan Peninsula, are UNESCO protected historic centres in Bulgaria.

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